Why Sharp Alarms Ltd?
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Why Sharp Alarms Ltd?


Sharp Alarms Ltd has an experienced, professional and aggressive staff ready to build the security awareness and demand for our latest products.


Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in application and use of the security equipment like CCTV, Fire Fighting Equipment’s, Access Control Systems and Integrated Security Solutions from Renowned manufacturers all over the World.


With products from the right source, chosen for their Reliability and support, the clients get the best solution with state of art technologies currently available and keeping in mind the clients future expansion needs.

sharp alarms staff


We have a well dedicated team that has extensive knowledge and experience in application and use of the security equipment’s from smaller systems to more complicated integrated systems.


Due to the nature of our service, we ensure that all the company’s employees are vetted by CID by presenting Certificate of Good Conduct before engagement.


Sharp Alarms Ltd engages highly trained and professionally dedicated technicians to install, to service and maintain the following:-

  • Intruder Alarms Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Perimeter fence construction and fencing,
  • Access Control Systems
  • Safety, Firefighting equipment and Suppression System
  • Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System